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A day in the McK life: Ankit

– Meet Ankit, an MD fellow based in Chicago. Ankit is taking a two-year break from medical school at Boston University to explore consulting, McKinsey and opportunities advising healthcare leaders across sectors. Here he describes his typical day, including some of his favorite team events, the things he’s learning on his current engagement and how he creates time for himself.


6:00am: Morning refresher. I’m a morning person, so I hit the gym, eat breakfast, and do a bit of reading. I might do some client work if there’s something really urgent, but I try to keep my mornings for myself.

8:30am: Team check in. I touch base with my engagement manager over the phone or in person. We discuss progress we’ve made and align on deliverables for the day.

9:00am: Divide and conquer. After the check in, our team members usually complete individual work throughout the rest of the morning. My project is currently in hospital supply chain management where I help the client analyze their current contracts and identify potential savings.

12:30pm: Lunch. Our team eats lunch together and takes time to get to know each other personally. We also use some of the time to talk about any key work-related findings we’ve made during the morning.

1:00pm: Client meetings. Our team usually uses the afternoon to meet with our clients. These sessions are quite interactive. We present our recent progress and the clients share their feedback with us. While I participate in these meetings, I also use them to observe the way my more experienced teammates interact with our clients to pick up leadership qualities to incorporate into my own repertoire.

5:00pm: Problem solving with leadership. Once or twice a week, our team holds problem solving sessions with our McKinsey leaders. These important conversations allow each of us to better understand the purpose of our work and see how it aligns with our team’s broader goals.

7:00pm: Check out. Similar to the check in, our team discusses the progress we’ve made. We refocus our efforts based on the needs of the client and the advice we’ve received from our leadership.

8:00pm: Team dinner or activity. These events are the highlight of any engagement. Though not daily, team dinners and fun activities allow us to bond on a deeper-than-work level. I love learning about teammates’ hobbies, families and favorite restaurants. My favorite activity on this study so far has been a stop by Dave & Buster’s to eat burgers and play arcade games.

11:30pm: Zzzzz.