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A day in the McK life: Allan

– Meet Allan, a systems engineer with McKinsey Solutions, based in Costa Rica. Allan joined the firm almost a year ago from the IT industry, largely because of McKinsey’s reputation as a firm that cares about its employees and provides them with lots of room and support to have impact, learn and grow. He’s currently developing infrastructure solutions for clients around the world.


5:00am: Time to wake up. I’m a morning person and I love sports – especially cycling and swimming – so I usually wake up early, eat breakfast and work out.

8:00am: Check email. I start my day with a quick scan of my inbox to see if anything critical has come up. Then, I organize my day, setting goals for myself and blocking out time to make sure everything gets accomplished.

9:00am: Meetings. I love to book time in the morning to meet with clients to discuss our projects. These discussions vary in theme – some are follow ups on existing work, others explore new projects. My days are never the same, and I never get bored.

12:00pm: Lunch. I prefer to eat away from my desk and the office if possible. My teams and I use this opportunity to get to know each other better – we talk about our daily lives, personal passions, sports, etc.

1:00pm: Implementation projects: I usually dedicate my afternoons to developing the solutions or products I’ve discussed with my clients in the morning. Each project is different and involves many people, which makes it very interesting. I have a lot of responsibility which provides me with many opportunities to learn and develop.

5:00 pm: Plan for tomorrow. I step back to assess what I’ve done during the day, outline open issues to address tomorrow, etc.

7:00 pm: Family time. I head home and spend time with my wife and daughter. Sometimes, I’ll squeeze in time playing the electric guitar – another of my loves.