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Asian & Asian American Network

A welcoming community.

About Our Network

Leadership, fellowship, and relationships.

McKinsey’s Asian and Asian American Network aims to foster leadership and connectivity among our colleagues. Our group includes Americans of Asian background and people from all parts of Asia as well as colleagues from other countries who are of Asian descent and now in the United States.

We formed the network to build community, foster development, ignite leadership, and get conversations started about topics important to all of us.

What we do

Our network is a catalyst for creating connections and mentoring relationships for consultants at all tenure levels. We aim to:

  • recruit and retain exceptional Asian/Asian American talent
  • host connectivity events and opportunities
  • create a welcoming environment in which Asian/Asian American consultants reach out to others to provide coaching and mentorship

Consultants build connections through a range of events, including monthly small-group lunch discussions with partners and office or firm leaders and an annual event to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

As we expand, we look forward to formalizing a mentor program to further support the development of our members and expand our collaboration with external organizations.