LGBTQ+ Masterclass for senior executives

The LGBTQ+ Masterclass is a unique forum for senior executives ready to grow as leaders and become strong role models for their organizations and communities. It provides a safe space for participants to focus on their personal and professional development with a small cohort of peers, convened by McKinsey who provide top faculty for the session. McKinsey’s LGBTQ+ Masterclasses, first launched in 2015, are held in major cities around the world to reach the diverse global LGBTQ+ community.

The Masterclass consists of a two-day series of in-depth conversations focused on helping participants tackle some of their most critical business challenges: how to transform your organization’s culture, how to build a high-performing team, where and how to grow your business, and how to maximize your own individual leadership. Peer discussions open up the opportunity to talk about the unique experience of being an LGBTQ+ leader. Participants come away with an integrated plan, including tools, approaches, and counterintuitive insights designed to enhance their ability to drive change within their organizations.

Part of the curriculum includes an interactive deep dive into McKinsey’s own multiyear research effort aimed at “cracking the code” to help executives advance in their career progressions. While most executives can appreciate what needs to be done, they often misstep when it comes to how, when, and with whom they choose to act.

In addition to the curriculum, the Masterclass provides ample opportunity for networking, experience sharing, and group learning. Last, but not least, participants leave with an expanded network of peer relationships with LGBTQ+ senior executives and McKinsey experts.

McKinsey & Company covers conference expenses. Participants are responsible for their own travel, transfers, accommodation, and incidentals. If your ethics provisions require you to remit payment, we are happy to provide a breakdown of the costs or work with your ethics officer.

The organizers of the LGBTQ+ Masterclass at McKinsey will only use your contact information to provide you information about this event and to contact you for future similar trainings that may be of interest to you. If you do not want us to contact you about future trainings, please notify us at

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