Pictured: McKinsey New Ventures Sr. Solution Leader & Associate Partner Alex Camp. 

Pictured: McKinsey New Ventures Sr. Solution Leader & Associate Partner Alex Camp. 

Seeking a startup’s agility and powerful global network as a solution leader?

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Looking for a role as a startup CEO or COO? Hear from our McKinsey solution leaders in product and tech on how we're helping them follow their personal and professional, from starting a family to becoming a firm partner.

Join our New Ventures careers webinar on Friday, April 27 at 2–3 p.m. BST (9–10 a.m. EDT) for a deeper dive into McKinsey’s product and solution development group of 50+ startups, and our solution leadership career path. 

Learn who you’ll work with, what you’ll do, and how to join—including the application process for experienced solution leaders, software engineers, data scientists, product managers, technologists, consultants, and designers. 


Our speakers

Sarah Jones: Sarah is a London-based solution leader with our banking operations and benchmarking startup, Finalta by McKinsey. She has also worked as a Finalta solution consultant at McKinsey, and research analyst at a financial-services research firm.

Elif Kutsal: Elif is a solution manager with Energy Insights by McKinsey, one of our analytics and benchmarking solutions focused on the energy sector. Before joining Energy Insights, she was a research analyst in both Istanbul and London.

James Cox: James serves as an executive recruiter focused on finding the world's best data scientists, product managers, and organizational solution consultants for our OrgSolutions by McKinsey startup. Before McKinsey, James managed an Asia-Pacific team at a consultancy recruitment firm.

Register by April 24

Register here, and submit a completed form with your LinkedIn profile* or resume by Tuesday, April 24 at 5 p.m. PDT. The online webinar details will be emailed to all registrants by Wednesday, April 25 EOD.

*Note: As part of the webinar registration process, you can submit either a formal resume or a PDF version of your LinkedIn profile.


More information

Can't make our April 27 webinar? Stay tuned for future product and tech career webinars like this on our other New Ventures paths. 

Learn more about New Ventures, and check out our 2.5 min. careers video. Then, search for your ideal McKinsey job, and apply today.

Webinar details

Date: Friday, April 27, 2018

Time: 2–3 p.m. BST | 9–10 a.m. EDT | 6–7 a.m. PDT

Registration: Register here with your profile/resume* by Tuesday, April 24 at 5 p.m. PDT.  

Location: Registrants will receive online webinar details via email by Wednesday, April 25 EOD.


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