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Telecommunications organization, with operations distributed across 32 countries, required a platform to centrally manage transformation






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With operations distributed across 32 countries, a telecommunications organization faced the challenge of driving a cost-reduction transformation.

There was no net cash coming out of the business, and the organization was facing large amounts of debt.

The goal of the cost-reduction transformation was to increase earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization and to reduce capital expenditures to increase the ability to generate net cash.


With more than 250 users located across multiple geographies, updating data daily, the organization used Wave as the platform to centrally manage the program.

During transformation-office meetings and performance meetings, leaders within the organization and McKinsey team would pull up the same, real-time dashboards and focus discussions on the data found in Wave.

Wave provided the ability to track changes over time, allowing for a high level of accountability and transparency on numbers being reported while removing the likelihood of seeing inconsistencies.

Complexity of building manual reports and transferring to PowerPoint was eliminated, as all reports were generated automatically within Wave and viewed in real time.


Before Wave, those within the organization would have a forecast of what they were going to deliver and a target date of execution, but there was no plan for accountability in place.

Wave helped shift this mind-set by imposing initiative planning and milestone definition to progress each initiative, creating a path to achieve on-time delivery.

This ability to plan allowed for easy tracking of implementation and for identifying deviations early, making it was easier to recover.

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