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Computer-data-storage organization undergoes large merger


initiatives tracked






Organization sought two acquisitions, in succession, to broaden its product offering, fuel innovation, and capture high-growth opportunities created by the rapidly evolving storage industry.

They needed a repeatable, tried-and-true approach to the highly complex problem of integrating across many distributed teams working together.


Wave was selected to facilitate advance day-one planning, value capture, and post-close execution, including centralized management of all initiatives, such as submission and approval actions, to completion.

At any given moment, client executives could open Wave and receive an immediate snapshot of the merger’s progress, allowing them to identify problems, ask smart questions, and provide support to issues as needed.

Wave also allowed the organization to build an infrastructure for continuous improvement.


Given the team’s ability to rigorously execute the integration of the first company through a smooth process using Wave, the organization selected Wave again to manage the integration of the second company.

Team members had clear visibility of different initiatives, associated actions, and their own progress in real time.

In total, 27 client task forces tracked over 1,500 initiatives to realize $2.2 billion in synergies over a 2-year timeframe.

“We have so many teams working together on this with so many’s an elegant tool.”

–Senior Director of Corporate Strategy

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