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African mining organization undergoes large-scale transformation program








The organization is an integrated energy company that operates several large mines. Due to internal and external drivers, new challenges arose for the organization, such as low operational efficiency, a 35 percent reduction in operating profits, and a large increase in fixed costs and external spending.

The organization launched a transformation program focused on increasing productivity and decreasing external spending.


Wave was used to track initiatives across eight workstreams and provide transparency throughout the organization.

As production improvements were a focus of the program, Wave was configured to speak the language of the engineers working in the mines (for example, tons of coal produced per shift).

With Wave, teams could track key performance indicators (KPIs) for initiatives aimed at increasing productivity:

  • Reducing away time: entails when people are not on the ground or in the mine itself
  • Improving availability of materials
  • Reducing downtime of machines

As the program also looked to decrease external spending, Wave was used to track KPIs for initiatives:

  • Renegotiation of contracts
  • Aggregating orders to suppliers across various mines


Wave’s detailed reporting allowed for a view into what initiatives and mines were actually delivering. User adoption was high throughout the organization, from the executive level to engineers who were observed logging in daily at the end of shifts.

More than 420 initiatives have reached L4 (realized).

“We’re not planning on giving up the transparency and structured way of working Wave brings us. Wave is here to stay.”

–Project Management Office Leader

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