The future of capitalism: Building a sustainable energy future

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As global climate talks get underway in Copenhagen, questions of a sustainable energy future will come to the fore as participants discuss the challenges from rising demand, affordability, and energy security. Should we focus on energy efficiency solutions? Where should we place our innovation bets? How can we align public policy to match our energy goals? In this video, three CEOs—Tom Albanese of mining giant Rio Tinto, Aubrey McClendon of Chesapeake Energy, and Bill Timmerman of the energy company Scana—offer their perspectives on the practical issues stifling energy independence, where to prioritize short- and long-term goals, and alternatives that can improve our energy future. George McLendon, dean of the Trinity College of Arts and Sciences at Duke University, and Scott Nyquist, a director in McKinsey’s Houston office, also participated in the panel.

This edited panel discussion is the first in our “Future of capitalism” series, which will explore the important issues shaping the business landscape in the aftermath of the credit and economic crises. A collaborative effort between the Fuqua School of Business and McKinsey, the series will comprise four forums over the course of the current academic year on energy, the financial system, globalization, and the role of business education in society. Blair Sheppard, dean of Fuqua, moderated the energy panel, which took place in November 2009.

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