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Building Resilient Cities: Addressing Climate Risk and Reaching Net Zero

Cities are at the forefront of the fight against climate change. They are often located in areas that are vulnerable to the effects of climate change; however, they also bring together people and organizations that can work together to find solutions. In addition to decarbonization, cities will have to adapt to avoid or mitigate the worst effects of a changing climate.

Research from McKinsey and C40 Cities provides a roadmap for city leaders and the private sector to take action through decarbonization and adaptation. In a recent joint report, we identified 15 high-potential actions that cities can take – some that help cities improve their overall resilience and others that address specific climate hazards such as heat, drought, inland flooding, coastal flooding, and hurricanes.

Moderator Brodie Boland, Partner, McKinsey & Company, discussed resilient cities with the following panelists during Climate Week NYC:

  • Rachel Huxley, Director of Knowledge & Learning, C40 Cities
  • Catherine McKalip-Thompson, Manager of Sustainability for the infrastructure business line, Bechtel
  • Bobby Tudor, Chairman, Tudor Pickering Holt & Co; Chairman of Houston Energy Transition Initiative for the Greater Houston Partnership
  • Daniel Zarrilli, Special Advisor Climate & Sustainability, Columbia University

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