McKinsey on Finance, Number 68

McKinsey on Finance, Number 68

Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Articles in this issue

Seeing your way to better strategy

– Viewing strategy choices through four lenses—financial performance, markets, competitive advantage, and operating model—can help companies debias their strategic dialogues and make big, bold changes.

What have we learned from the 2008 credit crisis?

Ten years after the Great Recession, any new downturns look to be more localized. But there are risks to be aware of.

A welcome change in lease-accounting rules

– New rules will mean better estimates for investors, but they should have little to no effect on how companies operate and create value.

What’s behind the pharmaceutical sector’s M&A push

– There are lessons for other industries in the way pharma companies use mergers to innovate, work more efficiently, and bolster product portfolios.

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