McKinsey on Finance, Number 67

Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Articles in this issue

Going, going, gone: A quicker way to divest assets

– Speedy separations create more value than those that lumber along, our research finds. Preparation is the key.

Debiasing the corporation: An interview with Nobel laureate Richard Thaler

– The University of Chicago professor explains how executives can battle back against biases that can affect their decision making.

Memo to the CFO: Get in front of digital finance—or get left back

– Companies are still in the early stages of applying digital technologies to finance processes in ways that will create more efficiencies, insights, and value over the long term. Here is how the CFO can lead the way.

Get more procurement value from M&A—even before closing

– Most companies wait until after a merger closes to pursue procurement synergies. But time is money, and several companies have shown how to get a head start on capturing value.

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