McKinsey on Finance Number 66

McKinsey on Finance, Number 66

Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Articles in this issue

Are your strategy discussions stuck in an echo chamber?

– Building a “market-momentum case”—based on external as well as internal data—can help executives allocate resources more effectively and identify new sources of value.

From big talk to bold moves: Putting teeth into the strategy-planning process

There are several steps executives can take to be more objective about resource allocation, process changes, and long-term goals.

Understanding how US tax reform will affect divestitures

– Lower rates will motivate companies to consider selling assets that lack scale for spinning off, and will make some complex deal structures less attractive.

Transforming the culture of managing working capital

– A thousand everyday decisions can dramatically increase the cash needed to run a large business. Taking advantage requires a cultural shift.

How CFOs can better support board directors—and vice versa

– Governing boards face increasing pressure and greater scrutiny from investors. Here is how CFOs can reinforce their stewardship.

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