McKinsey on Finance Number 61
Winter 2017

McKinsey on Finance, Number 61

Perspectives on Corporate Finance and Strategy

Articles in this issue


How to build an alliance against corporate short-termism

– Executives have more room than they realize to stand together with sophisticated investors to maintain focus on long-term value creation.
Article - McKinsey on Finance

How activist investors are transforming the role of public-company boards

– Collaboration between activists and traditional asset managers is changing the boardroom. Here’s how.

The value premium of organic growth

– Beware of letting acquisitions take priority over organic growth.

Why CFOs need a bigger role in business transformations

– CFO involvement can lead to better outcomes for organization-wide performance improvements.

Are today’s CFOs ready for tomorrow’s demands on finance?

– Survey results show that as their role expands to include ever more nonfinancial demands, CFOs know they must build new skills to lead.

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