McKinsey on Finance, Number 54
Spring 2015

McKinsey on Finance, Number 54

Perspectives on corporate finance and strategy.

Articles in this issue

Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Changing the nature of board engagement

– Five tips for directors and CEOs striving to make the most of their limited time.

Why capital expenditures need more CFO attention

– Companies in capital-intensive industries need to get more out of their capital budgets. CFOs can play a critical role.

A hidden roadblock in public-infrastructure projects

– Misplaced assumptions that governments always enjoy a cost-of-capital advantage over private players can kill projects on the drawing board. Reexamining the economics could move more deals ahead.

The strategist CFO: A conversation with ADP’s Jan Siegmund

– As the finance chief’s remit has grown, companies have looked further afield to fill the role. Here’s how a former chief strategy officer fits in.

Unearthing performance gains to boost bank value

– Many performance improvements can raise bank valuations. The most powerful may not be the ones you’d expect.

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