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Agile business portfolio management

– Companies that regularly refresh their portfolios tend to outperform, but deciding when and how to divest a business may be the most challenging part of M&A.

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Collaborations between corporates and start-ups

– How to raise the odds of lasting mutual benefits when large and small companies team up.

Getting a grip on revenue synergies

– Capturing revenue synergies is harder and takes longer than cost synergies, but some companies have cracked the code. Here is... how they do it.

Business priorities in the postpandemic era

– John Waldron, Kevin Sneader, and Carolyn Dewar on the state of global business and the future of M&A.

Ensuring the health of your business partnerships

– Regular partnership check-ins are essential to make sure that, like any relationship, both sides are getting what they need.

In conversation: Culture in M&A

– Why assessing the cultural fit cannot be an afterthought in deal making

Growth through a downturn

– How companies outperform on growth during downturns and the subsequent recovery

Why you need to keep changing your company’s business mix

– Because the market is always moving, a static portfolio of businesses tends to underperform.

A winning formula for deal synergies

– The experiences of the most successful acquirers yield some counterintuitive lessons.

Digital disruption and the role of M&A

– Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are an important way for companies to reposition their organizations to compete in the... digital age.

Extracting value from M&A

– It’s often the softer sides of deal execution that trip up merging companies.

Partners in profit: Creating successful business alliances

– As partnerships grow more complex, putting the right foundations in place from the start becomes even more crucial to lucrative... and lasting collaboration.

Active portfolio management: Interview with Andy West

– Senior partner Andy West discusses the latest trends in M&A in light of several recent high-profile divestitures.

The pros and cons of activist investors

– Management teams that engage positively with attackers may find activist campaigns bring ideas that create value and improve shareholder... performance.

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