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Executive transitions

Supporting executives to step successfully into C-suite roles

Change is never easy, especially at the top. To succeed, executives in new roles must get up to speed quickly and make an impact in five key areas simultaneously:


Do you have a clear read on current business performance and alignment on future priorities?


Which shifts in culture will have the greatest impact and how will you influence them?


Do you have the right leadership team and are you continually improving performance?


Have you done the work to get up to speed and build on your strengths?

External stakeholders and Board

Are you ready to step up and strengthen your relationships with the board and key stakeholders?

We support transitioning executives with the following:

Data-driven insights

on the most effective moves to make and when should you make them

Finely calibrated perspectives

on your company’s performance and important trends both inside and outside your industry

Leadership development

personal career coaching focused on setting priorities, engaging with the board, and establishing a function

Chief Executive Officers

CEO transitions: Fortune favors the bold

New CEOs must move quickly to calibrate the bar for success in their industry and prioritize the bold strategic moves that will put them out in front.


What makes a CEO “exceptional”?

We assessed the early moves of CEOs with outstanding track records; some valuable lessons for leadership transitions emerged.

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Chief Financial Officers

CFO transitions: Push the boundaries

New CFOs succeed by pushing the boundaries and actively shaping their mandate. We support finance leaders to drive growth, digitization, business development, risk management, and programmatic M&A capabilities.


How CFOs become CEOs

Limited operational experience is not necessarily a barrier to the top job. Here’s what CFOs must do to jump to the next level.

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Chief Strategy Officers

CSO transitions: Ruthlessly prioritize

To set a bold new direction, strategists must grapple with the issues, integrate a range of perspectives, and challenge their preconceived notions about their company. We support CSOs to develop and execute strategies that beat the market with privileged insights based on quantitative research and nearly 100 years of experience.

Rethinking the role of the strategist

– Strategic planning has been under assault for years. But good strategy is more important than ever. What does that mean for the strategist?

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