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Corporate Performance Analytics

Financial insights at your fingertips

Corporate Performance Analytics is a digital platform for benchmarking financial performance data, developing strategies, and uncovering insights for data-driven decision-making.

How Corporate Performance Analytics Helps Companies

In today’s data-rich financial world, companies rely on disparate sources for data about peer performance, industry performance, and economy health.

These data sources provide a flood of data with varying frameworks and structures, leaving companies without a single source of truth to base their decisions and uncover valuable insights.

Corporate Performance Analytics solves this problem by providing reliable, standardized performance data and automating financial analysis.

Companies use our financial benchmarking reports, industry trend analyses, and macro-economic research to get to better insights faster.


Corporate Performance Analytics is featured in Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick


Introduction to CPAnalytics

Solution Co-Chairs, Robert Uhlaner and Marc de Jong, explain how CPAnalytics helps you harness the power of corporate performance data.


Value creation analysis and benchmarking

Our analyses are anchored by the proprietary methodology and metrics highlighted in McKinsey’s industry-leading valuation framework.

This structured, proven approach helps companies focus solely on the drivers of revenue growth and Return on Invested Capital.

Companies can compare their performance against decades of data on virtually all public companies, integrated and standardized using McKinsey.

Instant insights and expert advice

Our platform provides powerful search and peer selector capabilities and pre-populated models to help companies make true apples-to-apples comparisons and run quick, powerful analyses on their financial data.

Our team of corporate performance professionals guide users through transparent calculations to ensure they fully understand what goes into each financial metric.

Up-to-date global coverage

Our platform offers clean, comparable data that companies can fully rely on for all financial analyses. Because our database is updated and inspected several times a day by our global network of industry experts, companies can be sure their decisions don’t need second-guessing.

Example analysis

Return on Invested Capital decomposition over time

Corporate Performance Analytics focuses on the drivers of value creation.

Other analyses include:

  • Total return to shareholders
  • Cost of capital
  • Enterprise value decomposition and multiples
  • Economic profit decomposition
  • And more…

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