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Leadership for a new era

Companies have only one truly peerless role—that of the CEO. As much as 45 percent of a company’s performance can be attributed to the chief executive’s influence. Today, the role demands increasing ethical accountability, social responsibility, and environmental stewardship. The decisions a CEO is responsible for have grown twice as predictive of a company’s overall performance over the last 50 years.

The role is a lonely one. CEOs must balance all the usual work-life challenges while answering to a broader range of stakeholders and leading their organizations through external headwinds and change over which they may have little control. The McKinsey Center for CEO Excellence seeks to provide leaders with meaningful support and guidance to help them perform at their highest level, maximize their potential, and successfully navigate a complex and constantly evolving world.

Created by a group of outstanding counselors, the program offers personalized insights, distinctive learning experiences, and ongoing support to help leaders deliver on their ambitions for their organizations.

Bob Sternfels, global managing partner

What we do

Signature learning journeys

Bespoke and experiential learning journeys, including a dedicated trio of coaches customized to a CEO’s life stage and specific context

Personalized, leading-edge insights

On-demand knowledge on the most pressing topics, rooted in McKinsey’s extensive experience and network of best-in-class experts

Distinctive peer network and community

Deep and confidential peer relationships, access to the most valuable events, and alumni practice communities

Featured Insights


The CEO moment: Leadership for a new era

– Challenged by the global pandemic, CEOs have made four shifts in the way they lead that hold great promise for both companies and society. Will they build on this unique moment, or return to the ways of the past?

Salesforce’s Arundhati Bhattacharya on lifelong learning and talent reinvention

– Salesforce’s India CEO, and former chair of the State Bank of India, believes that lifelong learning will determine success in the future, especially as people start having multiple careers.

A complete corporate makeover: Keppel’s plan for sustainable growth

– CEO Loh Chin Hua is on a mission to transform Keppel Corporation from a conglomerate structure to a future-ready organization with strong purpose, relevance, and a goal of achieving sustainable growth.

Building 21st century companies in Asia

– Asia’s corporate landscape is changing rapidly and the role and priorities of CEOs may need to evolve.

Reimagining leadership in Asia’s next normal

– Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke with Oliver Tonby, Chairman of McKinsey Asia, about the changing role of leaders.

Could the CEO moment become a CEO movement?

– The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the way that many CEOs lead. In this series of videos, McKinsey’s global managing partner Kevin Sneader shares his thoughts on the future of the CEO role.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

What will (and won’t) change in the future of Asia: An interview with the CEO of DBS

– The continued economic integration of Asia will open up opportunities for savvy businesses, predicts Piyush Gupta.

Featured Collections


Leading Asia: An interview series with the region’s top business leaders

In our new video series, we ask some of the most influential voices in the region how they are navigating this increasingly complex landscape.

CEO Perspectives

How do the best CEOs think and act? What wisdom can they share? Explore a special collection of CEO perspectives that touches on everything from corporate strategy to personal working norms.

CEO insights

McKinsey’s latest thinking to equip CEOs with insights to set the direction, align the organization, mobilize through leaders, engage the Board, connect with stakeholders, and manage personal effectiveness.

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