From remote work to organizational health: 5 ways to help teams during uncertain times

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged organizations to operate in new ways. Throughout the year, we’ve seen organizations accelerate their digital transformations to support remote working, embrace a renewed sense of purpose, and drive impactful and lasting change.

It certainly has not been easy, but this experience provided organizations with a better understanding of what they can accomplish—and how quickly—during times of uncertainty.

In preparation for the new year ahead, we’re sharing our five most-read posts that have helped organizations return, reimagine, and reinvent to thrive in this new normal.

  • Three important questions for the future of remote work
    By Raphael Bick, Klaus Seywald, and Tom Welchman

    Now is the time for organizations to reflect on their pandemic learnings and consider the role of hybrid or fully remote working in their future operating model. Be sure to ask the three questions outlined in this post.

  • Driving organizational and behavior changes during a pandemic
    By Noa Dagan, Lee Baz-Sanchez, and Brooke Weddle

    What can be done to drive organization-wide behavior changes during a time of unprecedented disruption and a shift to remote working? This post explores the influence model and how organizations have utilized it to inspire full commitment to change.

  • How to communicate effectively in times of uncertainty
    By Ana Mendy, Mary Lass Stewart, and Kate Van Akin

    The five fundamental tools in this post can help leaders effectively communicate with their teams, carrying their organizations through uncertain times with a renewed sense of purpose and trust.

  • Unleashing sustainable speed in a post-COVID world: Rethink ways of working
    By Aaron De Smet, Elizabeth Mygatt, Daniel Pacthod, Charlotte Relyea, and Bob Sternfels

    The first post in our three-part series on unleashing sustainable speed offers three actions to rethink ways of working in a post-COVID world. Be sure to read the second and third posts in the series as well, which offer additional actions to consider.

  • Thriving during a pandemic: What moves the needle on organizational health
    By Noa Dagan, Lee Baz-Sanchez, and Brooke Weddle

    Companies that are thriving in today’s environment are emphasizing three management practices while de-emphasizing what currently isn’t serving them. This post lists the common practices that they’re getting right—and a few things to avoid.

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