Seizing the power of advanced analytics in Spanish infrastructure

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As analytics become increasingly sophisticated—leveraging AI technologies like machine learning—and combine with other digital innovations, industries as diverse as consumer goods, banking, and medicine are undergoing reinventions. But the infrastructure sector has been slow to join the digital age. In fact, McKinsey Global Institute’s Digitization Index puts construction among the least advanced sectors in the adoption of the new technologies.

This scenario presents an opportunity for infrastructure owners and engineering and construction (E&C) companies that take the lead in embracing analytics solutions. By enabling businesses to generate proprietary insights from the vast amounts of data they already gather, advanced analytics can raise the quality management decisions, reduce risk, and improve project results. In essence, analytics allow business leaders to spot patterns, which can help them understand and learn from past experiences and more accurately predict future outcomes. As Spanish E&C companies increasingly struggle with margin pressure amidst challenging industry trends, adopting these technologies can provide them with a critical competitive edge.

But where are the best opportunities for applying advanced analytics? In our work with infrastructure clients, we are often asked to pinpoint real-world situations where these tools can add genuine business value. In fact, proven use cases already exist at all major phases of the asset lifecycle—applications that can allow both owners and E&C players to gain important benefits.