Decarbonizing Mobility Forum

Amsterdam, September 13-14, 2023

A global forum exploring the enablers of zero-emission transport

2023 Decarbonizing Mobility Forum

Amsterdam, September 13-14, 2023

Mobility has always been at the heart of infrastructure’s net-zero journey. Two core solutions have been considered relevant to decarbonization: battery electrification and hydrogen.

Yet the road ahead is unclear, fraught by challenges such as infrastructure build-out, technology, security, labor, and policy implementation. Cautionary tales have surfaced amid surging investments in batteries, and only a few green hydrogen projects have successfully been brought to market.

What solutions, investments, and collaboration models are needed for batteries and hydrogen to truly drive a sustainable future? This 1.5-day forum will gather senior leaders for a solutions-oriented discussion on securing the battery and hydrogen value chain, spanning industrials, automakers, suppliers, and the owners, builders and investors of underlying physical assets.

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