Capability for performance — The path to excellence

Operations excellence is a powerful, transformative journey based on building and sustaining capabilities.

This compendium is our response to clients we have worked with on capability building, who encouraged us to publish our thinking in the form of a comprehensive publication. It is also for Asian CEOs, who face the challenge of building the individual and institutional capabilities needed to sustain recent performance as well as power ambitious strategies. Our intent is to provide an insightful, practical, and actionable set of perspectives as they undertake their own capability-building journeys.

Included here are both a holistic framework on capability building and a series of vignettes that illustrate how our ideas can deliver value in a variety of situations and industries. In the final chapter, we share our view on model factories-customized learning environments that use operational shop floors, back offices, and other settings to let participants experiment with new tools and processes and experience potential improvements. Working with partners, McKinsey has led the development of model factories in several locations globally to offer an exciting new approach to companies engaged in capability building programs. (For more on these, see the links to the right.)

A complete list of contacts can be found inside the publication.