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A retailer in North America

By applying standard category analytics to delivery service modes, rates and bundled packaging, we identified $18+ million in savings in less than a month.


spend analyzed

for last-mile deliveries in one quarter


shipments analyzed

for multiple-service types


destinations served

by 1.3k origin locations


Applied standard category analytics levers to:

  • Optimize delivery service modes: Analyzed 6 scenarios and switched to lower delivery service modes
  • Comply with contracted rates: Moved to contracted rate for same service-zone-weight combination within suppliers
  • Bundle Packaging: Consolidated shipments within the same service level, origin-destination combination, and date of shipment within 3 consecutive days of each other


$18-32M estimated savings identified in 2-3 weeks

  • $15.6M identified by optimizing service delivery mode
  • $1.9M identified by moving to contracted rates
  • $16.8M identified through bundling packages


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