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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a generalist consultant and an Operations consultant?

Generalists work on projects for clients in all industries, though they may specialize in one or more industries during their career. Generalists also have the opportunity to work at the intersections of industries and functional knowledge areas, building expertise in marketing, finance, organization, etc. Typically they serve clients located in the geographic region around their office location. Operations consultants join the Firm with a particular specialization in operations and further develop their functional expertise as they apply it with clients in numerous industries. They are staffed to projects based on the need for their expertise, serving clients locally and on a global basis.

What role does an Operations consultant play on a consulting team?

As an Operations consultant, you work on teams together with generalist consultants to solve complex strategic and operational problems–everything from early issue diagnosis to ultimately implementing recommendations. Operations consultants are typically staffed on projects that have a significant operational focus and work across a range of industries, including automotive, energy, basic materials, finance, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, and many others.

Does the Operations Practice provide training and professional development opportunities beyond those offered to all consultants?

Within the Operations Practice, consultants attend conferences, technical training, and workshops on a regular basis to exchange ideas, build knowledge, and enhance their skills. Beyond this, McKinsey offers a number of social events, retreats, and themed workshops.