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Digital Capability Center Beijing

Digital Capability Center Beijing is an experimental model factory and digital technology showroom founded by McKinsey in partnership with Tsinghua University, one of China’s leading academic institutions. As part of McKinsey’s global effort to help clients better prepare and implement successful digital transformations, this is one of the 5 Digital Capability Centers established around the world.

Cutting-edge digital tools for an end-to-end transformation

The center showcases cutting-edge digital tools for end-to-end value chain transformations, provides a safe testbed for piloting digital technologies, and hosts experimental trainings for capability building. By providing a centralized location for developing ground-breaking solutions, supporting clients at each stage of their transformation journey, and offering customized training modules, Digital Capability Center Beijing aims to help lead Chinese clients to the future envisioned by ‘Made in China 2025’. Industry Digital Capability Center Beijing provides the digital transformation journey of a gearbox company in a real-life setting. The center features:

100-square-meter showroom

of disruptive technologies and digital modules across the value chain, such as product development, supply chain management, procurement and manufacturing

650-square-meter model factory

with digitalized lean production lines for effective learning opportunities and a safe testbed for piloting Industry 4.0 technologies by applying them to real-life examples

Capability building center

for experiential training from Lean to Industry 4.0. Learning modules include the entire technology system, from wearables to inventory management to cyber security; the management processes; and mindsets, capabilities, and behaviors

Offerings at Beijing

Digital Manufacturing

Clients learn about digital use cases and have the chance to evaluate their usability and profitability. They also learn to start, scale, and sustain a digital-manufacturing transformation and develop the required technical, management, and people skills.

Digital Supply-Chain Management and Warehousing

Clients learn about the automation in the warehouse, dynamic network and routing optimization, automated root-cause analysis, advanced analytics in forecasting and demand planning and the path to ‘no touch’ order processing.

Digital Procurement

In strategic procurement, digital technologies are used to speed up data access and cleaning from multiple ERP systems, so companies can analyze larger data sets for greater savings insights. In operational procurement, digital is used to make the processes more consistent.

Smart Product Development

This offering pairs digital technologies with the principles of design to value and design to cost. This combination, along with product modularization and portfolio complexity, allows companies to develop cost-competitive products and increase the value perceived.

Lean Manufacturing

Clients learn about lean principles and experience significant change by using lean tools in the production of real products. They build capabilities to act as change agents in large-scale transformations including how to manage performance for continuous improvement.

Digital Quality Management

Participants learn about role of quality in a lean environment, how to apply lean thinking to enhance the effectiveness of quality control and quality assurance, and how to secure the right balance between reactive and preventive quality. They also learn how digital solutions can optimize quality management overall.

Resource Productivity

Clients learn about energy-savings principles in a real-life production environment. These principles include how to integrate energy-productivity thinking into plant operations, production planning, and product design.

Leadership Development

Clients develop the skills to engage, energize, and drive change across the organization. They learn what motivates people and drives their behavior at all levels of an organization, and they practice using these concepts to influence and mobilize others.


An introduction to Digital Capability Center Beijing

This introduction features the Digital Capability Center in Beijing, one of five McKinsey digital model factories. It serves as a showcase and a teaching ground for the emerging technologies of Industry 4.0.

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Digital Capability Center Beijing

B137, Li Zhaoji Science & Technology Building
Tsinghua University
No. 30, Shuangqing Road
Haidian District
Beijing, China,116.325265&z=15

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