Winning in digital

Senior Partner Jacques Bughin recently posted some thoughts on our Strategy and Corporate Finance blog on how executives can develop successful digital strategies. We’ve pulled them into one collection:

Think digital is a big deal? You ain’t seen nothing yet
Digitization has barely started, and so has the accompanying upheaval. Some key insights for winning strategies.

How to win the digital race by coming in second, and other (often surprising) ways to reinvent for the digital world
A new data-driven study on digitization identifies which digital strategies work, and quantifies how well they work.

Are you ignoring the most important digital playing field?
By neglecting digital supply chains and ecosystems, companies risk irrelevance.

Digital success requires a digital culture
An old-world organization will doom your reinvention for the new world.

Digital dilemma: Why anything less than superb execution leads to failure
Jacques Bughin identifies the five core elements that make a crucial difference for companies executing a digital transformation.

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