Business and Web 2.0: An interactive feature

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For the past seven years, thousands of executives from around the world—across a range of industries and functional areas—have responded to a McKinsey survey1 on how organizations are using social (or Web 2.0) technologies. In 2009 we created an interactive tool that links the data from these survey results and charts it to the emerging trends in Web 2.0 adoption.

This interactive focuses on several of the survey’s core questions—from what technologies and tools companies view as most important to what kind of investments, if any, organizations plan to make in Web 2.0 in the future. Our most recent survey examines the business use of 13 social technologies and tools: blogs, collaborative document editing, mash-ups (a Web application that combines multiple sources of data into a single tool), microblogging, online videoconferencing, podcasts, prediction markets, rating, RSS (Really Simple Syndication), social networking, tagging, video sharing, and wikis.

Using the interactive, you can track the performance of each technology through the years or customize the view to compare particular technologies side by side. The interactive also contains an audio guide from Michael Chui—a McKinsey principal and one of the drivers of the Web 2.0 research initiative—who takes you further inside the results and trends.

This interactive archive will evolve from year to year as the survey progresses and as businesses continue to evaluate their use of and satisfaction with Web 2.0.