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Case Study

Cloud-driven business transformation—from IT to everywhere

A Fortune 500 consumer goods company was struggling with the cost and complexity of a 40-year-old IT system.

It comprised over 500 apps and handling $20 billion in transactions each year.

The company hoped cloud transformation would reduce costs and improve reliability. But our solution went further, creating a launchpad for company-wide efficiency, innovation, and growth.

Migrating a 40-year-old mainframe to cloud in 1.5 years—and driving ongoing business transformation

What we did:

  • Prepared the business case for cloud transformation and secured the backing of the leadership team
  • Developed a global cloud migration plan for hundreds of internal staff, external suppliers, apps and services
  • Used an automated process to execute the cloud migration plan in 1.5 years, allowing the company’s data center to be sold less than two years later
  • Designed and implemented a resilient, flexible tech stack that cut annual operating costs by nearly 40%—and created a business-wide culture of innovation and experimentation
  • Oversaw continuous modernization, including migrating the company’s global loyalty program, marketing platforms and production mainframe—and building a new cloud-native ecommerce platform



saved annually in operational costs


applications migrated to cloud


reduction in maintenance costs


fewer IT support tickets in the first year

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