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Role Description

Product Engineering

Apply a user-centered design approach to build, launch, and scale cutting-edge digital solutions for our clients.

You’ll use your technical skills to turn clients’ ambitions into reality. Working in cross-functional teams, you’ll create experiences that push organizations forward. You’ll design and build our growing library of micro-services, helping us and our clients move faster. Anything you plan to do more than once, you automate by writing not only application code but infrastructure code as well.

As well as developing clients’ technical capabilities, you’ll also change their cultures. From individual coaching to team mentoring, you’ll work to ensure a lasting change to the way clients work.

Quickly, beautifully, sustainably.

Who you are

An avid learner, expert programmer, and architect, you use the latest tools and techniques to build high-quality software. You consider yourself technology agnostic and can build cross-platform applications in a range of languages, including JavaScript, the MEAN Stack, Java, and all things open source. You refine your craft and learn new technologies through exploration and open-source contribution.

You work well in a dynamic environment. From building on existing client infrastructure to working on the latest cloud computing service, you’re able to switch easily between tasks. And you’re a true team player. You coach and mentor your peers and colleagues, championing their success at every opportunity.

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