Digital McKinsey + D&AD New Blood 2018

Call for design submissions for the D&AD New Blood Awards

Digitise a Financial Revolution

Digital McKinsey has teamed up with global creative charity D&AD for the 2018 D&AD New Blood Awards. The awards, open to aspiring creative students and recent graduates, are designed to challenge the next creative generation to hone and apply their skills to tackle a wide range of business challenges and societal issues.

Digital McKinsey’s brief, “Digitise a Financial Revolution”, is the first of its kind for the D&AD New Blood Awards, bringing service, product, and user-experience design together with world-class insight to truly make a positive impact on the world.

Eligibility + entry guidelines

The D&AD New Blood Awards are open to students, recent grads of any age, and aspiring creatives between the ages of 18 and 24. Designed to put you through your creative paces, the D&AD New Blood Awards exposes budding creative talent to real-world briefs and processes. Check out the D&AD New Blood website for eligibility criteria and entry guidelines.

Important dates

Early 2018 – entry website opens

20 March 2018 – entry deadline

May 2018 – judging

Summer 2018 – D&AD New Blood Festival, London

Summer 2018 – D&AD New Blood ceremony
The brief

The Brief

Almost two billion people and 200 million small businesses in the developing world have no access to financial services. But there’s hope—digital finance is changing the game, allowing people to transfer funds domestically and across borders faster, cheaper, and more easily than ever before.

Your challenge is to deliver a vision for digital money, showing where and how it can make a real impact on the lives of people left behind by traditional finance.

Ask our team anything

We’ve put together a team of our best service, user experience, and user-interface designers to help you on your D&AD New Blood journey. Our dedicated Slack community is open for any D&AD New Blood participants to join and connect. As an open forum, featuring regular “ask us anything” sessions with our designers, it’s the easiest way to connect with us and your fellow D&AD New Blood participants. Join our Slack community.

Featured Insights

Article - Fortune

What digital finance means for emerging economies

– In emerging economies, using a smart phone to provide access to financial services, could help boost the economy, write James Manyika, and Rodger Voorhies in Fortune

The power of design thinking

– Infusing your organization with a design-driven culture that puts the customer first may provide not only real, measurable results but also a distinct competitive advantage.

Getting serious about blockchain

– How an “Internet of value” can redefine the very nature of transactions and transform the global economy.

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