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How we helped Hyundai build an award-winning EV charger


Many electric vehicle (EV) consumers are faced with multiple barriers at charging stations, creating opportunities for user error. We helped Hyundai Motor Company develop a first to world charging solution that completely reimagines the EV charging experience. Our design team conducted research to fully understand the complications EV users face and learned the habits and behaviors of EV owners.

Hi-Charger allows a user to drive up to the stall and, through an app or digital touch display, select the vehicle’s charging port position
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By integrating research, design, and engineering we elevated the charging cable, to create an innovative ‘weight free’ charging experience that moves the burden of heavy, unwieldy cables from users to the station. Through the creation of a rotating “halo” feature, which illuminates fully once a charge is complete, the user simply chooses the position of a vehicle’s charging port on the digital screen and a charging connector automatically rotates and descends from the Halo to the selected point for an effortless connection. The charger can be used on any car that has a DC combo port, which is becoming the standard for EV’s. Recognized for its bold vision, the design was recently named a 2020 Fast Company Innovation by Design honoree and Red Dot Award recipient. Discover more on our New at McKinsey blog.

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