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The reimagining of retail and what it means for marketers

– In this article, Lars Fiedler looks at how changes in consumer behaviour during COVID-19 are forcing a re-imagining of retail.

Key to retailers’ success post-COVID-19: 4 necessary customer experience practices

– Kelly Ungerman explains how the 'new normal' of retail and business is forcing a rethinking of what customer care means.

Retail Reimagined: Rapid Revenue Recovery in Action

– Eric Hazan examines the how retailers can address priorities to rewire their business for speed and agility in order to quickly capture revenue and accelerate growth and emerge stronger post COVID-19.

The Pivot: Accelerated Migration to Remote and Digital in B2B Marketing

– Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the way companies interact with as well as buy and sell from each other now looks fundamentally different . Rock Khanna provides insight into the three key trends that are emerging from McKinsey's B2B Decision Maker Pulse and explains what it means for marketers at B2B companies.

Where will consumer confidence return first?

– In this article, The Economist Intelligence Unit quotes extensively from McKinsey's Consumer Sentiment Survey, citing it as a "rich source of survey data giving an idea of where shoppers might recover their mojo first".

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Product & Service Differentiation Should Lead In Recovery Strategy

– In this interview, Kelsey Robinson provides the latest highlights of McKinsey's Global Consumer Sentiment Survey and shares a set of questions that can help retailers develop a foundation for their approach to recovery.

Acceleration of Tech Innovations In Retail

– Brian Ruwadi outlines how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting tech in the retail sector, and shares his view of the game changing technologies the market can expect to see more of in the coming year.

#NRF2020: Retail fired up for 2020

– Brian Elliott shares his observations from the National Retail Federation’s Big Show 2020 and observes how retailers appear to be looking to how they can evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Mastering the art of 80 percent

– In this article, Nicolas Magnette discusses how, by applying the 80/20 rule to their data and analytics, manufacturers can drive sustainable pricing excellence.

Working the Halo Effect of Store Promotions

– At any given time, up to one-third of a supermarket’s assortment is on promotion. However, promotions are not expected to create standalone profit, but also create a “halo effect”. Brian Elliott looks at the need for change when measuring promotion impact and quantifying halo effect.

Personalisation: The consumer view

– Lars Fiedler examines the findings of our recent research “The Art of Personalization— Keeping it Relevant, Timely and Contextual” and highlights several key areas that should help retailers guide the development of their personalised marketing strategy.

A step into the future of retail

– Following the findings of our research “The Future of Shopping: connected, virtual and augmented”, Brian Elliott looks at the highlights from the report that seeks to shed light on consumers' current cross-channel preferences and future shopping intentions.

You think you own your business, but you don’t…customers do.

– Oliver Ehrlich explores the importance of Customer Insights in maximizing the value of your business by understanding what customers really want, what they might want in the future, to what extent they are getting it from your company, and how you can keep them coming back for more.

What happened in tech at NRF’s Big Show?

– Brian Elliott tells us what caught his attention at NRF 2019.

The stark truth of behavior-based growth in CPG

– Chris Enger shares his expertise on how insight into consumer behaviors can stimulate growth in consumer goods industries. This article has been published in Greenbook’s quarterly GRIT report. The full report can be accessed via the Greenbook website here.

Going Back in Time the CPG Way

– Chris Enger shares his insights with CPG executives about the importance of combining the power of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) with more traditional approaches like prescriptive analytics to model, and, more significantly, recommend changes that can be made to assortment, pricing, promotions and SKUs.

What are consumers telling us about Black Friday?

– This is the third year Periscope By McKinsey has looked at the shopping behavior of consumers, how they prepare, and the categories they plan to spend in during Black Friday. Examining the highlights of this year's research findings, Brian Elliott provides his recommendations for retailers and brands determined to maximise on this year's golden opportunity.

The make or break role of technology this holiday season

– With the holiday season fast approaching, Channie Mize explores how applying the appropriate technology can save a season, lessen the chances of holding large amounts of stock, and bolster sales and margin performance.

Amazon Prime Day 2018: Key takeaways for retailers

– Amazon reported that its fourth annual Prime Day surpassed all prior sales records in the e-commerce giant’s 24-year history. In this article, Channie Mize examines the top-line findings of Periscope By McKinsey’s consumer research - conducted across five global markets to learn more about the impact of this year’s Prime Day - and shares her recommendations for retailers.

Delivering consistently relevant experiences at scale

– Following the findings of our latest research on personalization, Lars Fiedler explains what characteristics make marketing messages personal in the eyes of the consumer.

Artificial intelligence brings agnosticism to growth mapping in the CPG world

– Looking for sustainable growth opportunities in mature markets for CPG products can feel like a Herculean task. In this article, Vinit Doshi examines how Artificial Intelligence is unleashing the true potential of Growth Mapping and increasing market share and revenue for manufacturers and retailers alike.

The evolving online retail story for consumer packaged goods

– Brian Elliott shares the highlights of Periscope® By McKinsey’s latest consumer research which examines the way that consumers’ purchasing behaviors are changing when it comes to CPG goods.

To stay competitive amid digital disruption, B2B companies need to embrace dynamic pricing

– As digital advances have transformed shoppers’ habits in dozens of industries, Nicolas Magnette shares his recommendations for B2B companies looking to embrace dynamic pricing in order to stay competitive amid digital disruption.

Industry insights introduction: Channie Mize

– Channie Mize shares her thoughts on the exciting things that she believes retail will deliver in 2018.

Retail’s leap into prescriptive analytics

– Prescriptive analytics is much more than software and data science – it’s a way to combine the strengths of humans and machines to make better, faster decisions. In this article, Channie Mize looks at the reasons why prescriptive analytics is the new way for retailers to make insight-driven decisions.

Pricing still matters - but get smart about it!

– Brian Elliott explores the best way for retailers to manage their pricing in order to differentiate themselves from the competition, generate brand loyalty and attract new customers.

3 tech-driven priorities retailers must have In 2018

– Brian Elliott examines the technologies behind the three key trends driving retailers’ decision making in 2018.

How consumer goods companies can gear up for the omnichannel world

– Brian Elliott examines the importance of eCategory Management technology for consumer goods companies that want to compete in any meaningful way in today’s highly competitive landscape. In this article, he shares his recommendations for ensuring competitive assortment and pricing strategies and for consumer goods companies to ready their business for the omnichannel world.

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