Periscope is listed as a leading vendor in POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2018 report

In our 3rd inclusion in a row, Periscope by McKinsey is listed as a leading vendor in Overall Ranking (Company + Product Assessments) in TPx Vendor Panorama. The report focuses on sales planning and trade management efforts that involve the retailer at the HQ level. It is a go-to source for retailers that want to improve their ability to manage trade promotions by enabling technology, and thus improve the entire value chain, enhance trading-partner relationships, and drive profitable growth.

The report lists some of the main strengths of Periscope as:

  • A hands-on understanding of what retailers are thinking about and struggling with, established by the depth of experience working the promotion cycle for both manufacturers and retailers.
  • Ability to manage data hygiene of retailer POS as well as other data sources.
  • Industry expertise and depth of talent base.
  • The proven ability to co-exist with a transactional TPM tool to leverage existing investments and provide a complete TPx solution.

In addition, the report highlights the below analytical aspects:

  • The depth of analytics to support both the modern as well as traditional trade.
  • Dynamic price and promotion modeling to empower RGM. Also, the ability to manage mark downs to better enable the entire product life cycle.
  • Leveraging Machine Learning for pattern recognition in post-event analytics to provide more insight than can be yielded by arithmetic calculations.

"POI's "POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2018" report, by Dale Hagemeyer, published on October 2018