Periscope by McKinsey included in Forrester's Vendor Landscape of 2017 Retail Planning Systems as a Specialist Solution

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Digital disruption has forced retailers to address new competitors, newly empowered customers, and an increased range of merchandise. Merchants have reached the limit of retail planning by instinct and art, and they increasingly need software assistance to plan assortments and allocate them to stores and fulfilment centers.

In the Forrester Vendor Landscape Report, Periscope is listed as one of the eight "Specialist Solutions." This type of solution lives alongside existing retail applications, using available data to improve forecasting, assortments, pricing, or promotions. They are easier to deploy, offer specialized unique capabilities, and can offer faster time-to-value over a more limited range of functionalities.

This report helps application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals understand the vendor landscape and decide which planning solutions to include in their applications road maps. You can find out more information about the report via the Forrester website.

Forrester Research, Inc.’s “Vendor Landscape: Retail Planning Systems 2017" Report, July 2017, by George Lawrie - access requires subscription.