Periscope by McKinsey is included in Forrester's "Use Apps Ecosystems: Advance Transformation" Report

Forrester's "Use Apps Ecosystems: Advance Transformation” shows how applications ecosystems can help application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals in retail deliver customer-centric differentiation from their network of suppliers, carriers, and sources of insight.

The report highlights Periscope as a "specialist that partners with multiple ecosystems" such as SAP and Oracle. The report recommends CIOs and AD&D professionals to "use application ecosystems as a starting point to focus more effort on innovation and reduce the share of their budget they have committed to integrating individual point solutions.“

Key takeaways highlighted in the report are:

  • Apps Platforms Boost Customer Centricity:  Retailers spend too much effort and cash on maintaining a gaggle of legacy point solutions. By migrating from pipes to platforms, they can accelerate transformation and more easily support a customer-obsessed operating model.
  • Apps Ecosystems Extend The Enterprise: Applications ecosystems break down barriers between retail reporting lines and loosely couple with an ecosystem of suppliers and channel partners. This supports converged merchandising, marketing, sourcing and fulfillment to win, serve, and retain customers.
  • Ecosystems Need Integrators: No single application ecosystem can span all the rapidly changing processes in retail from digital marketing to digital supply chain. However, combined ecosystems provide a sound foundation for AD&D professionals to build compelling and differentiating retail value propositions.

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Forrester Research, Inc.’s “Use Apps Ecosystems: Advance Transformation” report, by George Lawrie, published on October 15, 2018