Periscope has earned Badge of Excellence in the 2020 Tpx Vendor Panorama report

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Periscope has received a Badge of Excellence and a Best-in-Class distinction in the POI 2020 TPx Vendor Panorama for its B2C pricing solutions. The Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) annually evaluates leading vendors in its TPx Vendor Panorama which aims to help its manufacturing and retail partners to understand technology and related service options that can assist in improving promotional outcomes and driving profitable growth.

Periscope was named Best in Class in five functional areas:

  • HQ Analytics and Insights
  • Collaboration – External
  • S&OP Capabilities
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Revenue Growth Management (RGM)

The report highlights some of the main strengths of Periscope:

  • From the acquisition and preparation of data, to insight-based planning, to simulating the best possible promotion or price, this is where Periscope excels.
  • The tile-based landing page is exceptional because it presents the icon as a mini of the underlying report, which aids in recognizing and navigating to it.
  • The depth of experience working the promotion cycle for both manufacturers and retailers gives Periscope a hands-on understanding of what retailers are thinking about and struggling with.
  • Willingness and ability to manage data hygiene of retailer POS as well as other data sources.
  • Linkage between category management and TPO is a real plus because of how the insights can be easily brought to bear in the planning cycle.
  • Industry expertise and depth of talent base enable a focus that starts with the strategy and includes marketing as well as trade effects.

Periscope is differentiated by:

  • The level of automation and depth of the end-to-end offering of software and services.
  • Being a leader in pattern recognition through machine learning to help in answering the questions that people don’t think to ask.
  • Focus on data management and enrichment to ensure a more favorable output.
  • Story boards for presenting insights to customers or internally are compelling because they are dynamic and make collaboration easier than building PowerPoints from scratch.

The full report can be accessed through a POI Membership.