Periscope by McKinsey receives the highest stats for 2 categories in POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2017 report

Ability to execute mutually profitable trade promotions has been one of the main challenges for retailers and consumer goods companies. To evaluate the most current status, Promotion Optimization Institute (POI) conducted a survey among 77 Consumer Goods Companies, and reviewed the offerings of 26 vendors.

During the assessment, Periscope received 100% on "Company Assessment" and 94% on "Product Assessment, placing it as the highest-scoring vendor within the report. It is listed as a best-in-class solution in the following categories:

  • Desktop UX: Drives engagement from users and reduces drudgery.
  • HQ Analytics/Insight: Insight is the currency of collaboration and a primary differentiator.
  • Collaboration: More engagement to leverage enterprise expertise. More buy-in from channel partner(s) through engagement.

The qualitative assessment by the report highlighted Periscope's strengths, by stating "This is where Periscope excels. From the acquisition and preparation of data, to insight-based planning, to simulating the best possible promotion, this is where Periscope excels." The report also highlighted the additional insights that are developed from working with both manufacturers and retailers, stating this gives Periscope "hands-on understanding of what retailers are thinking about and struggling with."

In addition, the report provided the following as main strengths:

  • 10+ baseline methodologies.
  • Ability to simulate volume transfer to de-listed SKUs.
  • Dynamic price-and-promotion modeling to empower RGM. Also, the ability to manage mark downs to better enable the entire product life cycle.
  • Advanced capabilities, such as cross elasticities, which many TPO vendors do not have.
  • Ability to simulate “never before run” promotions.
  • Performance, both in data-rich and data-poor environments.
  • Ability to aggregate optimized scenarios to see total impact at various levels.

"POI's "POI TPx Vendor Panorama 2017" report, by Dale Hagemeyer, published on November 2017