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B2B Pulse: How B2B decision makers are responding to the coronavirus crisis

Through a series of recurring global surveys, we are tracking how customers’ expectations, spending, and behaviors change throughout the crisis, across multiple countries over time.

Special Reports

Article - B2B Pulse—Global Edition

The new B2B growth equation

– Customers want an always-on, personalized, omnichannel experience. The world’s best sellers are giving it to them.

Busting the five biggest B2B e-commerce myths

– The leading edge for successful B2B sales growth is digital. Here’s why.

B2B sales: Omnichannel everywhere, every time

– Our latest B2B Pulse research shows how the shift to omnichannel has permanently changed sales and suggests what companies can... do to adjust.

B2B buyers aren’t just moving to omnichannel. They’ve arrived.


Embracing the B2B omnichannel opportunity in 2021

– Omnichannel adoption exploded during the pandemic, and shows no signs of subsiding. How should businesses take advantage of this new reality?

Hybrid sales reps will soon become the most common sales role.

Meet the B2B sales rep of the future
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