McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity Number 3
Summer 2015

McKinsey on Sustainability & Resource Productivity, Number 3

Presenting insights and approaches that organizations can use to transform how they manage resources and drive sustainable growth.
Our latest compendium emphasizes that, while climate change continues to be a major threat, through strong leadership from both the business community and government we can put the world on a path to greener and better growth. In fact, we are already making strides in that direction.

Articles in this issue


Lower oil prices but more renewables: What’s going on?

– Why the renewables sector is more resilient than ever.

Building the cities of the future with green districts

– Better design can make sense aesthetically, environmentally—and economically.

Rethinking the water cycle

– How moving to a circular economy can preserve our most vital resource.

Short-termism and the threat from climate change

– By not acting now, we’re allowing the future costs of the greenhouse-gas crisis to compound. Eventually, the consequences will be irreversible.

From liability to opportunity: How to build food security and nourish growth

– How can public institutions, development agencies, investors, researchers, and producers work together to build a food sector that propels economic growth, meets demand, and helps to maintain social stability?
Book Excerpt

Manufacturing growth through resource productivity

– Resource productivity should be a top priority for manufacturers. This excerpt from a new book presents five core beliefs to drive growth by becoming leaner and greener.

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