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What will it take to scale investment in adaptation and resilience?

Adaptation and resilience measures are critical, but substantially under-funded. Some experts say innovation and imagination will play big roles in the solution.

“The impact is here”: Climate change, resilience, and the imperative to adapt

Mitigation alone isn’t going to be enough to combat climate risk. Corporates, governments, and other leaders will also need to consider adaptation and resilience plans.

Climate technology: A new frontier for innovation and growth

To decarbonize, many organizations will likely have to embed new technologies in their operations. That will create opportunities for incumbent companies and startups alike.

The energy transition unfolds

The transition to zero-carbon energy isn’t going to be a single shift, but a set of interrelated, system-level shifts. What will it take to get things moving quickly toward net-zero emissions?

Mobilizing capital for the climate

For the world to achieve net-zero emissions, trillions of dollars in capital would have to be deployed. What strategies and mechanisms would enable this reallocation to take place?

Solving the net-zero equation: Collaboration is essential

The transition to net zero will mean that businesses transform the way they operate. That in turn will depend on engagement within and across sectors, and with consumers.

The net-zero transition and what it means for business

At McKinsey’s opening session in Glasgow, panelists discussed changes to strategy, technology, finance, corporate governance, and policy that can help move the world toward net zero by 2050.