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McKinsey on Finance, Number 62

Articles in this issue


The artful synergist, or how to get more value from mergers and acquisitions

– Keeping your deal team small ensures confidentiality, but pinpointing synergies requires bringing more people on board. Here’s how to strike the right balance.

M&A 2016: Deal makers catch their breath

– In a year marked by smaller acquisitions and higher prices, cash deals came out on top.

The finer points of linking resource allocation to value creation

– According to new survey results, exploring the more subjective side of investment decision making yields five elements that correlate closely with outperformance.

Taking conservation finance to scale

– Environmental projects are woefully underfunded. Improving their risk-return profiles and structuring larger investment products could unlock private capital to narrow the gap.

When sustainability becomes a factor in valuation

– Sustainability efforts are material to investors only to the extent they affect cash flows. What matters depends on the industry.

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