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McKinsey on Finance, Number 58

Articles in this issue


Negotiating a better joint venture

– As important as it is to secure the right terms for a shared enterprise, it is just as critical to form a sustainable relationship.

Managing the market’s reaction to M&A deals

– Announcement effects are a good instant measure of market sentiment but a poor indicator of longer-term value creation.

Creating value from M&A—advantage Asia?

– Differences in the market’s response to deal announcements reflect how deals are funded as much as expected performance.

How share repurchases boost earnings without improving returns

– Some actions that boost earnings per share don’t create value for shareholders. Share repurchases are generally a wash.

The long and the short of stock-market volatility

– Short-term measures of volatility can fluctuate wildly. But over the long term the market has been remarkably stable.

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