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Ian Bremmer on the drift in global governance

The head of Eurasia Group discusses the absence of G20 leadership in resolving economic imbalances and the current China–US relationship.

As a coauthor of Eurasia Group’s annual risk forecast, president and founder Ian Bremmer identified the top risk in 2011 as “G-Zero”: a lack of leadership on the part of G20 countries in guiding an international economic agenda and resolving subsequent conflicts. Instead, the G-Zero model features policies driven by self-interest, uneven growth, and strained political ties between developed and emerging economies—among them China and the United States, whose bilateral relationship is an integral part of this shifting world order.

In this interview, conducted at this year’s World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland, Bremmer talks with McKinsey’s director of publishing, Rik Kirkland, about the implications of G-Zero and the current status of China–US relations.

Watch the video, download a PDF of the transcript, or download the audio file.

Ian Bremmer on the drift in global governance
Eurasia Group’s president discusses the current lack of economic leadership and the state of China–US ties.

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