Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick

Join an expert from McKinsey’s Strategy Practice as he shares practical advice on how to change the social dynamics in your strategy room and unlock bigger, bolder, and better strategies to beat the odds.

Join McKinsey partner Chris Bradley, one of the authors of Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick, on Tuesday April 17, at 11:30 AM CEST / 5:30 PM HKT.

Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick is about unlocking big moves, because that is what it takes to beat the odds in business.

Anchored in empirical evidence from thousands of companies, the book reveals what really matters—and what does not—in achieving exceptional performance.

Despite their best intentions, business leaders are often influenced by human biases and social dynamics that get in the way of clear strategy and strong execution. Just about anyone proposing a strategy comes in with a confident “hockey stick” projection. But how can you best distinguish true breakthrough plans from wishful thinking—and then carry out the tough choices needed to make good on the promise of those plans?

During this session, author Chris Bradley will share practical advice on how to change the dynamics in your strategy room and make the right strategic moves. You’ll be able to ask questions throughout, and help guide the discussion on how to create and execute a strategy to beat the odds.



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Partner, Sydney

Chris Bradley

One of the developers of McKinsey’s “Ten Timeless Tests of Strategy,” Chris has worked on strategic transformations for organisations across Australia’s retail, mining, transportation, consumer-goods, and telecommunications sectors