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We help executives successfully transition into new C-suite roles.

Change is never easy, especially at the top. The Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice supports a range of C-suite transitions, including CEOs, CFOs, and chief strategy officers (CSOs).

We help new leaders plan for success through several efforts:

  • in-depth research on CEO, CFO, and CSO roles and what it takes to transition into these roles successfully
  • materials related to broader strategy and corporate-finance topics, grounding executives who are in new roles in their company's performance, important trends in their industry, and deeper thinking on topics related to their role
  • leadership-development programs and personal career coaching, including advice on how to rethink your strategy, engage with the board, and set up your function
Our research: over 50% of executives say they spent too little time preparing themselves for the demands of their new role


Fortune favors the bold. New CEOs must move quickly, identify how high the bar is set to be successful in their industry, and prioritize the big strategic moves they should make to be effective in running their company.

Examples of our capabilities:

  • Corporate Performance Diagnostic—the Corporate Performance Diagnostic is anchored in McKinsey's basic beliefs in corporate value creation. It is an expert-led, outside-in diagnostic that links a company's valuation in the financial markets and its underlying operational performance. Empowered with proprietary data and advanced analytics, we deliver incisive insights about a client's capital-market valuation, the fundamental drivers of its value, the performance of its portfolio, and its positioning in the market.
  • Industry power-curve analysis—helps you understand the strength of your strategy relative to your peers based on economic-profit performance, the role industry advantage plays in your performance, and how value is distributed within your industry.


Push the boundaries. New CFOs succeed by actively shaping their mandate and pushing the frontiers of the traditional role by driving growth, digitization, business development, risk management, and programmatic M&A capabilities.

Examples of our capabilities:

  • New CFO immersions—customized and personalized sessions with our experts to help shape the CFO role and agenda, driven by the CFO's top-of-mind areas of interest
  • Finance academies—capability-building sessions for high-potential members of the finance team, focusing on leadership skills
  • Finance 360—a survey-based tool to help CFOs understand the strengths and improvement opportunities within the finance function and develop and launch a transformation plan to change processes and upgrade skills in areas such as planning and budgeting, management reporting, working capital, and shared services
  • Managing for value—a CFO-led initiative to create a stronger performance culture, with measurements linked to incentives across the organization


Strategists must act fast and ruthlessly prioritize among the potential facets of their role. In addition, they must determine the best way to deliver a high-quality strategic plan and then focus on signature strengths that will deliver the most value given the corporate context.

Examples of our capabilities:

  • New CSO immersions—customized and personalized sessions with our experts that help CSOs shape their role based on corporate context, industry dynamics, and roles and responsibilities across the executive team
  • Strategy Academy and Strategy Walkthrough—understand the key success factors for a robust strategy and pressure-test your own strategy, using the Ten Timeless Tests of Strategy and other core strategy thinking

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