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McKinsey sobre Risco

Coletânea com a perspectiva global e o pensamento estratégico da McKinsey sobre riscos, com foco nas principais áreas de risco que impactam a performance das maiores empresas do mundo.

Articles in this issue

Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Are you prepared for a corporate crisis?

– No one can predict when disaster will strike—but knowing what to expect if it does will buy precious time.

The business logic in debiasing

– Debiasing business decision making has drawn board-level attention, as companies doing it are achieving marked performance improvements.
Interview - McKinsey Quarterly

A case study in combating bias

– Following several disappointing investments, the German electric utility RWE overhauled its decision-making processes. Learn how from the CFO who spearheaded the effort.

Risk analytics enters its prime

– All the ingredients are in place for unprecedented advances in risk analytics. Now it’s up to banks to capture the opportunities.

Living with BCBS 239

– The most recent McKinsey–IIF survey on risk data and technology revealed that while banks struggle with the rising regulatory bar, leaders are actually finding business value.

IFRS 9: A silent revolution in banks’ business models

– Banks have addressed the technical requirements of the new rules, but what about their significant strategic implications? Here’s how to prepare.

Resolution planning: How banks can tackle legal-entity rationalization in 2017

– Here’s a primer on how banks can plot this year’s work.


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