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Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Gone for now, or gone for good? How to play the new talent game and win back workers

– Nearly half of the employees who voluntarily left the workforce during the pandemic aren’t coming back on their own. Employers must go and get them. Here’s how to start.

A single approach to culture transformation may not fit all

– It can be hard for organizations with many independent business units to achieve cohesion among them and transform their culture.... Remember: it’s better to bend than break.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Meet the psychological needs of your people—all your people

– Too many employers pay too little heed to the needs of the lower earners in their company. Here’s why—and how—they should shift... gears.

The importance of purpose: An interview with Acha Leke

– A senior partner in McKinsey’s Johannesburg office and chairman of the firm’s Africa region shares his views on purpose,... untraditional paths, and why people must be not only good mentors but also good protégés.
Report - McKinsey Global Institute

Human capital at work: The value of experience

– Human capital represents two-thirds of wealth for the average individual—and work experience contributes almost half of... that value.

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Stave off attrition with an internal talent marketplace

– Is your best talent hiding in plain sight? An internal talent marketplace helps match existing employees to open roles—in novel and sometimes unexpected ways.

Is worker power on the rise?

– Quitting is up, and so are wages. As the Great Attrition persists, employer–employee dynamics appear to be changing. But who actually benefits—and how durably?

Talent at a turning point: How people analytics can help

– Rising resignations. Hybrid work. The diversity imperative. Leaders are navigating a talent market in flux. Here’s how people analytics can help.

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A single approach to culture transformation may not fit all

– It can be hard for organizations with many independent business units to achieve cohesion among them and transform their culture.... Remember: it’s better to bend than break.

Mission not meetings: How government leaders could avoid self-sabotage

– Government leaders get up in the morning for the mission, but they often spend their day working against the bureaucracy. This... can lead to self-sabotage, and it is not uncommon. But it can be overcome.
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Sustainable and inclusive growth: A weekly briefing

– Accelerating sustainable and inclusive growth is often a matter of mindset. Our weekly digest of McKinsey insights explores the... topic.

Active allyship: Do your LGBTQ+ employees feel supported and included?

– Companies highlight their outreach efforts during Pride Month, but LGBTQ+ workers persistently report microaggressions and feelings... of isolation at work. Here’s how LGBTQ+ employees report their workplace experience.

Securing your organization by recruiting, hiring, and retaining cybersecurity talent to reduce cyberrisk

– Shed the conventional methods. Talent-to-value protection defines the most important cybersecurity roles that demonstrate the... greatest reduction in risk for the enterprise.

Author Talks: How to fall in love with work

– Out of the thousands of moments in a workday, says Marcus Buckingham, you should spend 20 percent on your most beloved areas of... mastery.

Author Talks: Unleash your team’s full potential

– Bestselling author Daniel Coyle defines the essential elements that create the foundation for optimal company culture.

Author Talks: How to build a damn good business

– Business guidance can hinge on an assumption of existing financial access, making the advice irrelevant to budding entrepreneurs... with less privilege. Kathryn Finney seeks to level the playing field.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Black representation in the beauty industry

– Black beauty consumers and brands face deep challenges when it comes to equity. Removing those barriers can lead to greater opportunity... for everyone in the industry.
Article - McKinsey Quarterly

Meet the Black beauty execs

– Creating a path to a more... equitable beauty market for Black brands represents a $2.6 billion opportunity. McKinsey talked to four founders and entrepreneurs who are leading the way.

Inside Rishad Premji’s quest to create a high-performing culture at Wipro

– The executive chairman of global technology services company Wipro wants to promote cultural change at the 77-year-old organization... by institutionalizing five habits in the workplace.
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