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Talent Leaders Forum

In this interactive workshop, leading CHROs explore how a holistic talent strategy can enable the entire organization to deliver value.
Talent Leaders Forum
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CEOs are redesigning their organizations and strategy to respond to a rapidly changing world.

Just as CFOs must ensure sufficient financial capital to deliver, CHROs need to drive a holistic talent strategy that helps the organization capture value in the market, and unleash energy and speed in the organization. At the same time, CHROs and the HR function are tasked with driving better people decisions at all levels, through credible analytics-driven insights. The new HR demands require new mindsets, responsibilities and skills.

The Talent Leaders Forum is a new, interactive one and a half day working session, specifically designed for CHROs, which combines new seminal research and our extensive experience helping business leaders answer the question “How can the CHRO lead a holistic talent strategy that enables the organization to deliver value?” Recognizing that CHROs see the need to be more strategic, data-driven and efficient, we have designed a series of integrated sessions around four key building blocks:

  • Linking talent to value—from shaping and understanding the value agenda to identifying, staffing and managing the critical talent to deliver value
  • Using robust data analytics to enable better people decisions and predict talent outcomes
  • Reshaping performance management to better develop and motivate talent
  • Transforming the HR function to support the strategy, through new technology, tools and HR structures

Designed in a capability-building format, the forum’s mix of sessions allows for group discussion, peer-to-peer learning, and space for personal reflection. This will be an intensive opportunity to translate what these changes mean for your organization into a customized action plan.

Program details

The program will begin with an afternoon session and dinner reception, followed by an all-day workshop the next day.

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