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Leading with Inner Agility – Centered Leadership Program

Built on 15 years of applied research, this 3-day program helps executives gain personal agility and craft a leadership vision that is anchored in deeper self-awareness. Participants leave with a “mini-board” of peers and personal practices to sustain their learning.
Centered Leadership Program
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Leaders who can change can lead change.

Based on a decade of research and practice, McKinsey’s Centered Leadership Program brings an integrated set of tools and practices to enable leaders to lead through complex change with greater personal agility and creativity. Leaders who have mastered the Centered Leadership practices are 4x more likely to feel equipped to navigate complex change and 20x more likely to be satisfied in their personal and professional lives.

The program includes pre-work to help participants explore their sources of strength, intentions and pain points as leaders, a 3-day in-person workshop, the development of tailored sustaining practices, and mini-board connections to support the implementation of learning commitments post program. The in-person workshop is designed as a highly interactive and discussion-oriented session where participants learn from the experience and wisdom of other executives and McKinsey senior leaders.

Successful participants will leave with:

  • A personal vision rooted in self-awareness and authenticity
  • An expanded repertoire of tools and practices to influence more sustained developmental change and habit shifting in themselves and with others
  • Meaningful advisory connections with other senior executives that sustain post program
  • A tailored plan of action and tailored sustaining practices to sustain learning and effectively handle your toughest complex leadership challenges
  • Renewed energy, ability to center in the midst of turbulence and personal fulfillment

Where scale is required, we can develop a customized Centered Leadership Program for your organization.

What participants say

“These last three days were among the very best days in my last five years. I am humbled to have been invited to be part of this amazing journey which will change my life.”

“I leave with a sense of renewal and so much more energy. Where I saw challenges, I now see opportunities.”

“It has fundamentally changed my perception of who I am as a leader. I feel I have more resources to handle complex change.”

“I was able to start taking action even before the end of the three days and I have concrete tools to take to my teams.”


Overview of the Leading with Inner Agility – Centered Leadership Program

Johanne Lavoie, Dean of the Centered Leadership Program (CLP), describes CLP’s transformational impact.

Alumni of the Leading with Inner Agility – Centered Leadership Program

Former program participants describe how the Centered Leadership Program (CLP) unleashes leadership potential for corporate performance.


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